Connor lived a fair amount of different lives though. Yeah he wasn't the happiest guy around and I agree about Endgame but that was just because it was awful. I mean name one other movie that had a set of trailers and tv ads featuring plot points that were made ONLY for the ads? I would argue that the better immortal… » 10/01/14 4:54am Today 4:54am

My neighbors used to have a hearse. It didn't drive but they kept it in the driveway as a project car and they also used on their elaborate Halloween. It sat in the driveway for a couple years until another neighbor had a family member die tragically and asked them to remove it. I didn't mind because it wasn't a… » 9/29/14 11:08am Monday 11:08am

The one nice thing about online dating is that you know people on there are actually looking for dates. Nothing worse than trying to talk to someone in another social setting like bar or nightclub or event and realizing they are just out to have a good time, not meet anyone. As a guy online makes it easier to avoid… » 9/29/14 9:56am Monday 9:56am

He's definitely both. For the time period his methods aren't that out of line with his contemporaries. See the British that used to have Mummy parties where they would unwrap the mummy and see what was inside the wrappings which culminated in usually a burned mummy at the end as they said hey "this thing is… » 9/19/14 4:24pm 9/19/14 4:24pm

Better than the movie? Definitely. Better than the HBO Cartoon? I'm gonna go with no even though I haven't seen it in a few years. Need to go back and rewatch it again and see how it holds up. I didn't hate the Spawn movie but it was very very disappointing. It basically killed John Leguizamo's career though... or at… » 9/19/14 3:20pm 9/19/14 3:20pm