So wait Harry Potter’s magic is well defined and “rigid”? Magic is so fucking arbitrary in Harry Potter. I love it all movies and books but it’s not a good example of that. Time travel! Only kids use it and not a single person thinks to go back and murder Voldemort. Hell no one not even Snape tries to use it to save… » 4/24/15 5:27am Yesterday 5:27am

I still think the best possible twist for the Village is that the monsters they pretended were out in the woods actually existed but were friendly despite looking terrifying. Or you could have had them be actually terrifying. I think that would have been better than being in modern times. Or you could have kept the… » 4/24/15 5:20am Yesterday 5:20am

While SOTD is a classic it can’t pass Hot Fuzz imho. Hot Fuzz is just the best on so many levels. But I’m starting to realize that The Worlds End is the same way. It’s infinitely rewatchable and knowing what you know about it makes repeat viewings more rewarding. There are seeming throw away lines that get different… » 4/24/15 7:19am Yesterday 7:19am

The last time I played through Skyrim I found a small area with a Dwarven device that seems to have driven the previous owner crazy but doesn’t seem to actually do anything. There is not a way to open it and despite all kinds of sounds and hints that something is behind it or inside it nothing happens. I really hoped… » 4/22/15 4:32pm Wednesday 4:32pm

Having never seen any of this show before but reading through a few recaps about some of the more upsetting events I gotta say I found this episode infuriating. Is the whole show like that? I found myself wishing one of them was a witch who could righteously fuck some shit up. If only for some catharsis. I was… » 4/20/15 7:43pm Monday 7:43pm

Georgia has some weird arbitrary limit to how high in alcohol content a beer can be so I was super excited to recently get to try Goose Island’s limited Bourbon County. It was apparently made this year with a little less alcohol content for it to be sold her... or they just claimed it was under the limit. Kind of… » 4/20/15 1:36pm Monday 1:36pm